Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SAVE $150 On Cribs, Strollers & Bedding!

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Save $150 OFF ALL Glenna Jean Bedding Sets, Convertible Cribs & Single or Double Strollers!!

Quinny Buzz 3 Normally: $579.99

NOW ONLY $429.99

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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Gift of Love on Mother's Day*

After nearly two years of business and finding resources for moms, babies and kids, some standouts take center stage as the most unique Mother's Day gifts we can find. Admittedly, mom sometimes takes a backseat to the little ones, but not today! Enjoy...

Our Top 5 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Gift Certificates is always a Hit with Mom!
  2. The Boon Squirt Spoon for those on the go mommies...
  3. A NEW Quinny Stroller (having a spectacular Mother's Day Sale on ALL Quinny's)
  4. A Bath Tub Organizer..So no More mess in the tub for mommy! The Boon Frog Pod
  5. And the Ultimate Mommy Stress Saver for that Special Mom. The Lil Rinser!

Monday, April 20, 2009

ALL Quinny On Sale!! Zapp - Most Compact Stroller on the Market!

Look at this mommies! Finally, there is a stroller that is small enough for those quick "out the door" shopping trips! This awesome stroller is the smallest & compact folded stroller in the world!!

The Quinny 4 Zapp Compete!

Simply stated, Quinny is always leading the pack in baby mobility with it's trendsetting European style and flare. Quinny is the preeminent brand for active parents who want that stressless reliable transportation!

With it's cool features like:
  • Stain resistant, durable nylon fabric
  • Highly maneuverable, lockable front wheels that can rotate 360°
  • Makes traveling a cinch in a car, train, or plane

And, with it's 1 YEAR Warranty. This is the best affordable stroller in it's class!!

So get your Zapp at a Steal of a DEAL Today!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Baby Bargains Grab-It Day DEAL!!

March 24th 8am-1pm ONLY $28.99


The Time Out Pad by Keen.

Look at this Momma's!! This handy lil gadget helps parents make the most out of the time out technique.

How does this lil gadget work?

The time out pad comes with a timer. So you set the timer & place the child on the pressure sensitive pad. The pad works off a traffic system. Red light, Yellow light & Green light.

So if the child would happen to get up from the pad before the time is up. An alarm will sound, letting the child & parent know that the child has gotten up!! How COOL is that! Once the child sits back down the timer will resume where it left off. After the time is over the child will hear a HAPPY SONG - giving positive reinforcement!

I use this product at home with my oldest son & I LOVE it! My lil guy is not one to sit down and stay still! This pad teachs him how & rewards him for it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot Baby Bargains Featured Product!

Look at this expectant moms! Finally there is baby blanket that actually works!

With the SleepSack(TM) wearable blanky it replaces other loose blankets for a cozier & safer way to sleep.

So No More Worries about kicking this blanky off!! It won't happen!

The Halo Sleep Sack ONLY 24.99!!

With Halo's safety features like:

Reduces the risk of rebreathing (the inhalation of carbon dioxide), which has been associated as a possible cause of SIDS.
  • Carries the "#1 Safe Sleep Product" gold seal from First Candle/SIDS Alliance.

  • Has a inverted zipper which makes diaper changes a breeze & won't pinch baby's skin!

A MUST HAVE Mommy Product!!